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What you can get from it: Often, I am able to point out quirks, crutches, and cliches in someone’s writing. My aim is to give you enough actionable guidance that your next round of self-editing can be more powerful. Any edits you make on your own are edits you don't have to pay for. 


And it only costs you $50.


And if you decide to hire me to copy edit your entire novel, that $50 will count toward your first payment. (Scope and payment for the project will, of course, be negotiable.)


How to get started

Send me your pitch first!


Pretend you’re pitching your novel to an agent or publisher (good practice in itself). Once I can ensure I have a spot in my schedule to devote to your words, I’ll get back to you to work out the details of getting your summary and text.

Use this contact form to get started now!

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Thanks for submitting. You'll be hearing from me soon.

Are You Ready to Publish Your Novel?


I have a special place in my heart for first-time novelists, especially those who want to self-publish. I understand the courage it takes to put your work out there. Will it earn praise or scorn? Or will it be ignored?


If you’ve written your story all the way to the end and would like some professional editorial feedback, or if you think you’re ready to hire a copy editor to help put a final polish on it, I can help.


Here’s how it works: You send me a summary of your whole story and the first 5,000 words. I’ll read it all and critique your story arc, your writing style, and your grammar and usage. And anything else I find worth noting.

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