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Logophilius Editorial evolved out of Andy Hollandbeck’s love for the English language.


It began in 2007, when he took his first steps into the blogosphere with the blog Logophilius. In the beginning, Logophilius focused on unusual and rarely used words (his first three posts were about logomachy, dactylogram, and lucrepitous). But because of Andy’s editorial background and his love of wordplay, the topics grew to include word games, usage notes, pronunciation, book reviews, general word news, and even some horrible, horrible poetry.


Andy’s professional career in words began in 2000 as a proofreader for a now-defunct catalogue-publishing corporation. Since then, he has held jobs — both in-house and freelance — in copy editing, online content editing, content marketing, and copywriting.


It was while he was in this last position, as an unhappy copywriter for an advertising agency, that Andy realized that he would never be able to live the professional life he wanted to live if he limited himself to the writing and editing positions that showed up on job boards.


He decided to take control of his life and pursue his dream of making a living playing with words. So in June of 2015, to the surprise of pretty much everyone who knew him, he resigned from his office job and set out to make his own way in the industry.


And Logophilius Editorial was born.


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