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Andy Hollandbeck

I am not currently available for freelance editing projects; my time as managing editor of The Saturday Evening Post keeps me busy in that area.


But editing isn't all I do!

Check out (read buy) my most recent book, The Body Politic: A Parable for the Twenty-first Century, published in May 2020, with cover art by Rue Sparks. 

Read My Other Book, Too

In 2013 I published Seasonal Work, a collection of short stories loosely organized by the four seasons. It's available only as an ebook download from Smashwords, and it's absolutely free.

The Cover of the Short Story Collection Seasonal Work
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From the Blog

Cover Coverage


Watch the cover of The Body Politic come into being, from initial sketch to finished drawing.

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In March of 2017, the Author Learning Center interviewed me about my life in words. Watch "The Importance of Copy Editing and Proofreading Your Book" here, and find out about my views of SEO from a writer's perspective and the future of The Saturday Evening Post on the blog.

What you'll find inside are three stories:

  • The Body Politic: Like any pandemic, it started with just a few isolated cases that couldn't be easily explained. But even after spontaneous amputation was happening all around the world, scientists could find no cause, no common source, no traceable vector. Could eleven-year-old Ellen discover the key to turning back the illness just by paying attention?

  • The Perfect Gift: Matthew has found the most amazing birthday present for Joan. But a gift this personal might reveal once and for all his secret feelings for her. What if she finally understands that he's in love with her? Or worse, what if she doesn't? (Originally published at, if you'd like to get a preview!)

  • The Man Who Bought the Moon: What would you do if you were the sole winner of the world's first trillion-dollar lotto? Eldridge goes big with his winnings but quickly learns that owning all that lunar real estate isn't as satisfying as he had hoped, as each new day begins with the same question: What next?

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